#NationalComingOutDay (With Troye Sivan, Hansol, Ariana Grande, Kesha, Laverne Cox and Many More!)

To celebrate the #NationalComingOutDay, I made a video with a list of celebrities, including: - Halsey - Brendon Urie - Laverne Cox - Harry Styles - Shawn Mendes - Kesha - Hansol from ToppDogg - Ariana Grande - Troye Sivan - Hayley Kiyoko - Cupcakke - Lauren Jauregui - Dinah Jane/Fifth Harmony - Little Mix - Adele - "Alec Lightwood" & "Magnus Bane" from Shadow Hunters Song Used: Cupcakke - LGBT Sorry if I missed someone btw :P Thank You all so much for watching this wonderful video I made for the National Coming Out Day!