AngryJoe Reviews Allegiant Airlines!

Making fun of our crappy trip back to Austin from Vegas at SOE Live w/ Allegiant Airlines! It was bad news from start: The counter lady refused to let me take my camera bag cuz I already had a backpack even though the gentlemen next to her mentioned an exception. I asked to be helped by him, she said no. She was helping me and wouldn't let me talk to him. She thought she was being clever by saying, you cant bring a 2nd carry on unless I was Press. So I claimed a "media" exception on my camera bag and showed my stupid AJS Business card which confused her so she gave up and let me take my camera bag along with my backpack. When I got to gate I saw countless other people with two carry on's, so she was basically being a jerk face to me for no reason. Also Vegas didnt care about my 2 carry ons when I returned to Austin, no mention of this 1 carry on only requirement. I did have a normal check in which annoyed her in Austin. It costs $50 to check a single bag, and then it cost me another $50 to check it again in Vegas. My ticket ended up like $330, so around $430. When all was said and done it was more expensive than the regular guys, American, United, Delta, etc. so be careful when choosing to look at final totals. --The issue with the plane was a part for the deicer on the left wing. The thing sounded like a prop plan with a loud clicking noise and other creaky sounds. We were in the air for around 30-40 minutes, had to turn around and land back in Vegas. The mechanic replaced the part really quick and we were back up in the air on the same plane maybe 45 minutes later. Attendants on plane were actually pretty funny and nice. They gave us 1 free cup of a soda only (no alcohol & not the whole soda can) for the inconvenience (yea I know, lol). What are your crazy airline stories? Leave a comment!