Batman: Legacy - Theatrical Trailer

The following is a FAN-MADE, non-profit trailer, made purely for entertainment purposes. About seven months ago, I made two teaser trailers for a Batman film, taking place after Bruce Wayne's retirement. It was made as a Batman Beyond / The Dark Knight Returns hybrid, taking elements from the two stories, and creating a story of my own. I used Bruce Greenwood (who voiced Batman in "Batman: Under the Red Hood" and "Young Justice") as my older Bruce Wayne. I toyed around with this theatrical trailer for a long time, before finally deciding to finish it over the past couple of days. It's edited in the style of the "Man of Steel" Comic-Con trailer. Hope you all enjoy! Music is "Thin Red Line" by Hans Zimmer*, and "Down Under" by Audiomachine. *Thank you Bryan Singer, for putting out a highly anticipated trailer with the same music, just hours after I uploaded this.