Examples of Harassment

These examples are meant to highlight some common classroom behavior, but could be extended into college or the workplace, that can cause uncomfort. It isn't meant to demonstrate the legal definition of harrassment, instead the video aims to redefine how we think about appropriate intrasexual relationships. Social situations can be hard to navigate as you are getting older. Many of the times, people don't know that what they are doing is wrong, but poor social skills shouldn't be an excuse to hurting other people. We need to teach young people how to interact with each other, so that everyone feels safe and respected. The first two examples show someone trying to force a date onto someone else. People's wishes should always been respected, and it's important to understand that nobody owes anyone a date. People die from small situations like this. A teenage boy stabbed his friend multiple times after she declined going out with him. She was otherwise nice to him, and I believe a lot of this boils down to people believing they are owed something from other people, when they simply are not. The third example is only trying to show that is it almost never acceptable to comment on how a person looks, or what thier outfit is or is not doing for them.