George Galloway - The Mother Of All Talk Shows (TMOATS) 05-01-18

From the BBC: The author of a controversial book on Donald Trump says that all his White House aides see him as a "child" who needs "immediate gratification". Michael Wolff said his book was based on about 200 interviews, and rejected Mr Trump's claims that it was "phony". But Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has dismissed suggestions made by Wolff that the president's mental health is failing. The book has now gone on sale early despite Mr Trump's attempts to stop it. Mr Trump's lawyers had tried to block publication of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, alleging it contained many falsehoods and saying they were considering pursuing libel charges. The president has said it is "full of lies" and was being pushed by the media and others to hurt him. He added: "They should try winning an election. Sad!" George Galloway interviews: -Natasha Devon (1:00:00) on Toby Young getting the job as Universities Watchdog. The right-wing troll is deemed unqualified for the job and has made a bunch of incendiary comments in the past. They have since been deleted by Young himself. -Sage-like John LeBoutillier (1:37:45) on Michael Wolff's book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. The book alleged that Trump would retire to bed early and munch away at cheeseburgers and watch 3 TV screens at once. Originally broadcasted on talkRADIO 5th January 2018.