George Galloway - The Mother Of All Talk Shows (TMOATS) 22-12-17

From the Guardian: There were, Boris Johnson admitted, numerous obstacles to the improvement of Anglo-Russian relations, including but not limited to the annexation of Crimea, the murder of Alexander Litvinenko in London, differing views on Syria, Libya, Ukraine and North Korea, and Russian cyber-activity and meddling in elections across the world. On the upside, though, trade in crisps was up. “There are increasing exports of British Kettle crisps,” Johnson told his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, who looked confused but smiled politely. Was it a joke, or was it the perfect piece of good trade news for newly blue-passported Britain? It was unclear. The interpreter didn’t bother translating it, presumably for worry that he had misheard. After an hour and a half in talks with Lavrov, the pair emerged for a press conference. It was important to engage with Russia, Johnson said, despite a whole litany of Muscovite misdeeds, which he proceeded to list. To brighten things up, Johnson mentioned the crisp exports for a second time. Both ministers joked over the issue of trust. Lavrov said he trusted Johnson so much he’d use the Russian pronunciation of his name – Ba-REES, not BOR-is. Johnson said Lavrov was so solid he’d had no qualms about handing the Russian his coat along with everything in his pockets, “secret or otherwise”. “As Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan used to say, trust but verify. I can’t remember what that is in Russian,” said Johnson, now enjoying himself, and completing the sentence with some incomprehensible faux-Slavic mumbling. Expanding on the historical themes, he took a moment to remember the second world war alliance between Britain and the Soviet Union: “Winston Churchill said he wanted to strangle the Soviet Union at birth. He did not take a favourable view of the actions of Joseph Stalin, I’m afraid to say. The relations between me and Sergei Lavrov are considerably better than that.” George Galloways talks about Boris Johnson's gaffe and pays tribute to The Clash frontman Joe Strummer who died on the 22nd December 2002. Originally broadcasted on talkRADIO 22nd December 2017.