Mannheim American Elementary School, Closing Ceremony June 8, 2012

This video documents the closing of the last american school in Mannheim, Germany. The Elementary School operated from 1946 until June 8, 2012. It was the first to open, the last to close. The amount of american kidsw going to school there is guessed to be somewhere betweeen 30.000 - 50.000. It began in 1946 with about 50 kids, had up to 2200 students at some times,and finally closed with about 150. It is now history. American (US) and german both. The mission has been accomplished! Please forgive some camera mistakes. I had planned to do a clean editing, but decided to keep the raw material instead. Why? I wanted to share every singhle second with you. Thanks to all. And my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Southard, was still there (after like almost 40 years since I had her). She now has retired and moved back to the US. Thankyou Mrs. Southard, God bless you! All of us students love you!"!!!!!!!