Minecraft Story Mode 11 (Funny Animation)

Jesse is in an underground prison for people that are both loved and hated. Jesse must get his way out. There is a mooshroom. Warden finds out and stuff. They have to use minecraft skills to get out. Mooshroom again. Then the Order of the Stone's Amulet. Nice. --------------- Donate to our Patreon! Help us pay our animators! Producer Rick Jones Casting and Mixing: Dexter Manning Animated by: Seth Whitehurst Character Designs by: Kevin Lordi -------------- Special Thanks to our Patreon Patrons: Fursat Alfread Khaneia Justin Benavides Rupix S B Isaac Harris Tapeside Zen Wallace Trysten Rocchi Deadman Studios Michael Wadsworth -------------- Want to react or dub a translation into your language?