Unknown facts about Full Metal Jacket actor R. Lee Ermey

Ronald Lee Ermey, the veteran actor from the movie, Full Metal Jacket, has recently left the world. Even though he is no more, he has left us a wonderful memory and the legendary military characters we will never forget. While his roles are loved and praised by many, there are some facts people did not really know about. Here are some unknown facts about R. Lee Ermey. Lee Ermey Death: 0:06 R. Lee Ermey Unknown Facts: 0:26 R. Lee Ermey Almost Joined Navy Before Marine: 0:37 How did R. Lee Ermey meet his wife? 1:14 R. Lee Ermey Movie Debut: 1:54 R. Lee Ermey Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant: 2:23 How did R. Lee Ermey got cast in Full Metal Jacket? Please like, comment, share.